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ZUZA is a visual artist and musician.


She lived for some time in New York, Cape Town, Frankfurt, in Düsseldorf  and Cologne.

As a singer with an extraordinary range, however, she clearly prefers the areas of rock, soul and blues, combining many different singing styles in her performances.

A powerful and distinctive voice, similar to that of Janis Joplin.

When it starts, you can be sure to hear something special in the field of rock music and see an energetic and great performance on stage.

When asked what music and art means to her, she simply says: "This is my life".

In the past few years she has organized many projects and contributed herself to many projects, working with many artists such as Paul McCartney or Doro Pesch.

For the NFLE Club Rhein Fire she writes and sings the final anthem "Fire"; again together with her friend and maid of honor Doro Pesch.

Her Gibson guitar, used in the recording of the song, is signed by Paul McCartney, Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens, Klaus Voorman, Bonnie Tyler, Boris Becker, Marius Müller-Westernhagen and more.

It was auctioned  for over €20,000 and donated to landmine victims.

It was always important for her to get involved as an artist in the area of charity. For example in 2005 a real Band Aid project with the recording of the song "Anywhere" for the flood victims of the tsunami in Asia together with many artists including Peter Hein from formerly Fehlfarben and Doro.

In 2006, in an experimental phase, she worked with many different styles of music, including metal, in order to discover new ways for herself.

Later, in June 2007, she happened to meet the former guitarist of the metal band High'n'Dry.

High'n'Dry was a very popular band in the late 80's - they were touring with well-known musicians such as Iron Maiden, Roger Taylor, Roger Chapman and they spontaneously decided to revive the band with Eyreen Sue as front woman.

With High'n'Dry she played the first concert after they had only worked together for 3 months.

ZUZA/ Eyreen Sue and the band worked hard and very professionally, so that they had the album "THE RETURN" ready by the end of the year and released it in spring 2008.

Eyreen Sue had a lot of concert dates this year and has been playing them with High'n'Dry since then.

The highlight of the promotion tour was the Heavy Christmas Meeting in the Philipshalle in Düsseldorf/ Germany in December - together with Saxon, WASP, Doro, UDO

Many concerts in Europe as well as a US tour had to be canceled because the band split up after the concert.

But it went on.

Eyreen Sue continued to work on new releases with various producers and was planning a single release for the double album.

In 2010 she toured Europe with her Woodstock Band - many club concerts as well as major festivals were on the tour list, including The Spirit Of Woodstock in Italy.


For 2021  an acoustic album is in progress, release in late summer.


Some selected songs of the existing albums and singles already released; live and studio, can be heard via Reverbnation and Sonicbids. The live album "Trip To Woodstock" was released in the same year on the major label MCP.

The live album features music from the legendary era - it includes some original tracks as well as a live jam session "Junkie"  - handmade live music with no post processing.

Eyreen Sue is a real live artist - her stage performance is reminiscent of artists like Tina Turner.

Some Clubs & Locations & Festivals:


LTU arena (GER- about 50,000 pers.),

Arena Auf Schlake (GER - about 30,000 people),

ISS DOME (GER- about 13,500 pers),

Philips Hall (GER- 8000 people),

JAZZ RALLY (GER Festival),

Female Voices Festival- Belgium (Headliner),

Rockhard Festival- GER (Headliner),

MTC Cologne



Another area of work is skin art:

the practice for micro hair pigmentation in Lohmar

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